Our Services and Fees

In a short form, we help clients develop their properties. In this way, acting as architects we provide the following key services:

  1. Strategic Brief Development – Identify clients needs, define legal financial and time framework. Understand the physical and environmental conditions.
  2. Concept Design and Feasibility – Outline physical and environmental studies determining the most appropriate architectural proposition to meet the strategic brief.  Outline structural design appraisal, building services and specifications which inform the project costing analysis and program.
  3. Design Development – Planning Application – Consolidation and synthesis of the design development into sets of documents which are submitted to the local council for statutory approvals.
  4. Technical DesignBuilding Control – Detailed breakdown of material specifications and construction items in conjunction with a structural engineer, mechanical and electrical, quantity surveyors, fabricators and others where required. Approval from building control authorities are defined at this stage.
  5. Tender and Procurement –  Detailed drawings and specifications are sent out to 3 of 4 contractors who tender for the project. During this stage, the legal contractual arrangement is defined between the client, contractor and architect.
  6. Construction – The execution of the various works are carried out in accordance with the specified contractual information. Payments are made as the works progress following program and quality control. Building inspectors follow the phases of the project to ensure the works are done in accordance to the regulations which are certified upon completion.
  7. Hand Over and Close – Final certifications and payments are completed and the project is handed over to the client.



Small House Extension – Simple Service

Planning + Building Control Approvals Only.

Phase 1

Measured Survey & Drawings £900 Concept Design £650; Planning Application Drawings £450

(Total Planning Phase £2000)

Phase 2

Detailed Design for Building Control Approval £2200



New Build Large House – Simple Service

Planning + Building Control Approvals Only.

Concept Design & Planning Application Drawings – £6500

Detailed Design for Building Control Approval £7200




Detailed Design for Building Control Approval £7200

New Build Large House – Full Service (as outlined above)

Construction Cost – £240.000 Full Design Services 8% – £19,200


The fee we charge relates to the amount of work we will have to do. By reducing the scope of our services we may be able to reduce the fee but this could increase the risk to you. In our experience clients save on project cost by getting the design right before starting construction and not changing things during the build. Very often it turns out that this saving is greater than the amount clients spend on architects’ fees.

Absolute certainty on the overall cost of a project is very difficult to achieve. We can put mechanisms in place to help you manage your cost such as early estimates and well-planned designs. Minimising changes keeps cost controlled and putting aside a contingency sum helps to cope with unplanned occurrences.

Useful links

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